Care and Feeding of Chinchillas

Chinchillas make wildly amusing, playful, as well as loveable pets. A chinchilla with good diet and husbandry can remain in your family anywhere for over 20 years with average life spans over 10 years. The average male chinchilla weighs between 400-500 grams, while the females can reach 600 grams. Chinchillas love to play and require … Read more

Energy Required for the Avian Patient

Calculation of Energy Required for the Avian Patient The generally recognized formula for calculation of metabolic rate is: MR (kcal) = K(Wkg0.75)** Active metabolic rate is somewhat greater than that of a resting bird. For simplicity we will use the value 1.5. Active MR (kcal) = 1.5 X MR (kcal)*** An adjustment factor for growth, … Read more

Diseases of Small Passerine Birds

The following is a brief outline of the diseases of commonly kept Passerine species, their common presentations, how they are transmitted, their treatment and most importantly their prevention. I. Viral A. Avian pox     1. Three forms          a. Dry (skin)          b. Diphtheric (wet)          c. Respiratory (acute)      2. Mortality 20-100%      3. Morbidity may be high … Read more