The following links lead to businesses or organizations that in one way or another promote high quality care and management of exotic animals.

While the Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital does not directly endorse or support these sites, we feel that they maintain high standards and are worthy of mention.

Local Bird Clubs and Organizations
Parrot Education and Adoption Center

National Bird Clubs and organizations
American Federation of Aviculture
International Avicultural Society
World Parrot Trust
American Cockatiel Society
Grey-Cheeked Parakeet site
Alex and Irene Peperberg

Other Bird sites
Parrots Magazine
Pigeon Bands / Am. Racing Pigeons
Northwoods falconry equipment

Bird stores (San Diego)
Our Feathered Friends

Pet poultry information
Dept. of Poultry Science(Texas A&M)
FeatherSite – The Poultry Page

Ferret sites
Ferrets Anonymous
American Ferret Association
Marshall Farms

Rabbit sites

Shelly’s Shelter

Rodent sites
Cavy Capitol of California
Degu Homepage

Reptile Sites
San Diego Herpetological Society
Melissa Kaplan’s Herp Care Info
California Turtle and Tortoise Club

Wildlife Sites
Project Wildlife

Animal Information
VIN Pet Care Forum

Veterinary and Government sites
Association of Avian Veterinarians
Am Assoc Zoo Veterinarians
Assoc of Exotic Mammal Vet’s
American Veterinary Medical Association
American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians
Emergency Animal Hosp Ref. Center
US Fish and Wildlife Permits

(CITES Permits)
USDA information on bird importation

Insect/Rodent food sites
Bassett’s Cricket Ranch
Ed’s Fly Meat Inc.
Mice On Ice