Lisa Jenkins, Hospital Manager

Since 1993 I’ve served as Hospital Manager for the Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital. I work in an environment surrounded by a variety of interesting people and animals.This practice is truly extraordinary! Each day is filled with something new and exciting. It’s wonderful being part of such a fabulous team of people.

The staff here are the best of the best! I consider myself lucky to work along side my wonderful husband, Dr. Jeff Jenkins and share in his passion for exotics.

My home is filled with the following members of the animal kingdom:

 A norwich terrier, two chihuahuas, a rat terrier, an english bulldog, three cats, a yellow naped amazon parrot, two myers parrots, a green cheeked conure, a parrotlett, a sinaloan milksnake, a hamster, five chickens, and fivedesert tortoises.

When not working I enjoy spending time with my children. My son Christopher has graduated high school and is  now working at the practice.  Our beautiful daughter, Victoria is in the eighth grade an will begin high school next year.   On the weekends I enjoy shuttling my daughter to dance,  taking care of my animals and  hanging out with friends and  family.