Care and Feeding of Ferrets

When they are very young Vaccinations  Kits (young ferrets) should be vaccinated for distemper at 8,* 12 and 16 weeks of age then at one year of age. Reactions to the licenced distemper vaccine are common. Discuss the benefits and risks of vaccination and observe your ferret in the veterinarian's office for at least 20 minutes follow distemper vaccines given to ferrets over one year of age. Rabies vaccination should be given at 16 weeks and then annually. Spay / Castration We recommend … [Read more...]

Ferrets: Insulinoma

Insulinoma One of the most common and most devastating of ferret diseases is cancer of the insulin-producing cells called an insulinoma. Other names for this tumor are beta-cell carcinoma or pancreatic endocrine carcinoma. This cancer occurs when the cells of the pancreas that produce insulin (beta-cells) grow out of control. The disease in the ferret caused by this cancer is not caused by the cancer growing into a large tumor and thereby disrupting the surrounding tissues or organs (as is … [Read more...]