Laura will be missed by staff and clients

Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot LauraDecember 01, 2011  It is with great sadness that we bring you the news that our beautiful Laura. the Yellow-Naped Amazon that has lived in our lobby for the last several years, passed away today.  Laura spent her first 30+ years living with a San Diego County resident.  When her first owner died she came to live with the Jenkins family and eventually moved to the Hospital where she could spend her days talking with and entertaining the Hospitals clients.  . Laura was the example of what a parrot should be. She was well behaved, intelligent, and funny. She had a huge vocabulary and loved everyone. Laura developed relationships, not only with the Hospital staff but many many clients as well. Her passing will leave an empty place in our lobby and in our hearts as well.

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  1. Mollie Dosch says:

    I always said hello to Laura when we brought in our flock. She was friendly, and we’ll really miss seeing her.

  2. Susan Carlson says:

    Hey Jeff anf Lisa ~ I am so so sorry to hear about Laura. I really looked forward to seeing her whenever I brought Simon in, and, she was absolutely was the epitome of what a Yellow-nape should be. Quite the opposite of my nape who just sits quietly and really only says “hello”. lol. I will miss Laura.


  3. Judy Zimmerman says:

    Dr. J: I am so sad to hear the news of Laura’s passing. I enjoyed visiting with her each time I came to the Hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Lisa, as well as the staff at AEAH.

  4. Nicole, Andy & Inti Lamb says:

    Our hearts go out to the entire staff. Laura was blessed to have such wonderful family to spend the rest of her years with. We’ll really miss her; the lobby just won’t be the same.

  5. Totally know what that feels like. I miss her :(. We all do. God bless her and hers.

  6. So sorry to hear that.. She was amazing, beautiful parrot. We will miss her ((

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